New Capsule Collection / Cornelia Hagmann

New WallPepper®/Group Capsule Collection x Cornelia Hagmann

Colored water lilies, natural visions, golden palms and so much emotions:

Cornelia Hagmann artist, between Austria, Switzerland and Italy, uses colors and different geometric shapes as driving force of her creative genius.

WallPepper®  Capsule collections bring on the wall unique and lively artworks, a real homage to the nature and its beauty.

"Portray nature is my joy and passion, I focus the human eye on its amazing details. During my hikes I try many times to catch the natural events and to put them in order: I paint on canvas in order to make the nature speak in an artificial language. Victor Hugo wrote: "It's sad see that the nature speak but nobody listen". My artworks are an homage to the nature, I desire that my paints tell to people on very big walls in order that they wake up and see the nature as the most precious thing that we have, because we can't live without it. We are part of it. We are child of the universe and it's our responsibility protect the nature values." 

Cornelia Hagmann

A new idea for furnishing with full-wall pieces of art, ideal for decorating any living space.

Choosing a WallPepper®/Group capsule collection element means to embellish a surface with a real contemporary piece of art. The wallpaper is created and tailored on an eco-friendly high-performance material, which makes the image stand out and sets the viewer in a personal dimension.