New Capsule Collection / Warø

The new Capsule Collection WallPepper®/Group x Warø



Uplifting WallPepper®/Group 2021 catalogue is the new collaboration with Warø. New subjects are drafted and -thanks to WallPepper®/Group decorative and technical expertise – adorn the walls with unique strength, suggesting new ways to design the space.


Warø, young Milanese artist, is inspired by pop art - Keith Haring and Andy Warhol in particular - whereas the energy boosting his creativity comes from international metropolis such as New York, Milan and all those places where “chaos coexists with floating serenity”.

“To come up with WallPepper®/Group graphics I tried to imagine an extremely chaotic reality and its ability to instill deep calmness and serenity” - says Warø. “I got inspired by images and stimulus that - once put on walls - could generate a scenographic strong impact being incredibly clear when looked at closely though, highlighting all the different elements and details. Despite the static nature of wallpaper, these graphics look always different and generate multiple feelings in the viewer. Depending on the context they create charming and unique atmospheres”.

Choosing a WallPepper®/Group capsule collection element means to embellish a surface with a real contemporary piece of art. The wallpaper is created and tailored on an eco-friendly high-performance material, which makes the image stand out and sets the viewer in a personal dimension.